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To Die, Perchance to Dream...

Your voice touched me deep
A depth I had never explored
Now the barrier is to steep
To ever be adored

Your song trembled my soul
A warmth I never realised
Still to far from the goal
To ever be idolised

Standing between my faith
And an empty loneliness
To much inner hate
To welcome loveliness

The cry of a Unicorn
Raises my eye to the sky
Your song is reborn
Or did it just never die?

Was I to deaf to hear
That your song was meant for me
Was I to wrapped in fear
That I was to blind to see

The tears I've shed
Were not in vein
The pain I've had
From shifting domain

When the clouds were sad
Thoughts came to my mind
Visions of what I could have had
If I had had the courage to find

Now the time is lost
To ever be together
This must be the cost
The price that lasts forever

But when the silent tears
Of heaven talk again
I will be the one that hears
And leave my life again

Locked up in flesh
The world is but a wonder
No more than a flash
Of what lays yonder

My blood is the chain
That takes my freedom
This body brings the pain
The heritage of my kingdom

But my spirit walks the grass
Running naked in the wild
Where time can pass
By the will of a child

Where the unicorn smiles
And runs along my side
Running free for miles
No rules to abide

Where the choices I made wrong
Suddenly all seem right
Here my force is strong
Enough to fight the night

But I know I will return
Forgotten and alone
And inside desires will burn
To melt away the stone

Freedom will not last
Neither will my rest
Dreams go by to fast
This is all just a test

The unicorn runs away
Leaving me behind
Why couldn't you stay
And why am I so blind?

You were just a figment in my mind.