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The Realness Of Illusion

There's a truth that's plain to see
The question is: will truth find me?
I've been looking, searching around
For a truth on solid ground
If reality depends on my own mind
Is that a quest for me to find?
What I can't seem to understand
Is the realness of this land
You see, if I create a dream
Is that real or does it seem?
Now if I ever get to believe
That all I want is there to achieve
Does that mean that I've become
What's only a vision to some
Or does that make me lose my grip
And send me on a useless trip?
I can't seem to grasp the whole
Secret and entity of the soul
Is it there for me to discover
Or should I leave that to another?
Since there are no answers true
Find my own path is what I do
Filling my head with illusions, maybe
But who's to say they're not true to me?
If I go crazy, I probably won't know
Since it's a path I've chosen to go
But if I find freedom and peace on my way
I promise I'll cherish it every day
If you choose to follow, whoever you are
Know that the road stretches long and far
Know it's not easy freeing your mind
But know it's the Truth you are out to find