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I'm sitting here,
On my place,
Remembering her,
Whilst staring into space.

The waves far below me,
Slamming on the rocks,
The power of the sea,
While my vision locks.

With the moonlight above me,
Lighting my tears,
It is then that I see,
All of my fears.

They say it is just love,
That it will pass with the years,
But I fell in the clove,
Which I saw in my fears.

Now, it is too late,
I cannot return,
It is my faith,
That my heart must burn.

There is the gate,
Just over the wave,
With inside the bait,
All the love I ever gave.

And in I must go,
To find my true love,
Although my mind says no,
I am already passed the cove.

The gate has closed,
Before me lays a girl,
So beautifully posed,
Lighted by a pearl.

I have no regrets,
For going inside,
My heart just repeats:
"I no longer have to hide!"

But when I am at the gate and listen,
I hear the world I used to know,
I think about my prison,
And how much I want to go.

I see the stars,
Shining above my place,
I stretch through the bars,
And I reach at a case.

When I open the case,
In it I see,
The reflection of my face,
With inside it a key.

The girl asks what I see,
But I say she must wait,
The answer lays in me,
I can open the gate.