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I am afraid
Of the darkness
Who touched me once
A cold caress

When I wonder
Lost in mist
One question screams
Do I exist?

How do I know
What lies beyond my sight
For all I can tell
It is blacker then night

I've been there once
In that shadow place
It was a dream
That froze my face

I was a figment
Only imagination
Nothing was real
Not even creation

I had no body
I was an entity
Floating in a fragile
Prison of reality

Mirrors surrounded me
Infinity was all around
The blight of sunlight
No solid ground

Then one by one
Reality started to crack
I tried to heal it
With a power I lack

As the mirror broke
The light escaped
Running far in space
Until all light was draped

Abandoned by all
Light, body and sound
I felt like death
Where I was bound

Now holes appeared
Stars so far away
The light travelled towards me
I was touched by a ray

A corona forms around me
Hearing creation when I listen
In this existence my eyes open wide
To see my mirror prison