About My Life...

It was a cold winternight, the 28th of januari in the year 1980, when on the early hour of 04:35 I came into this world. I grew up in Tilburg (North side!) where I was raised by the most wonderful parents known to mankind. My childhood years are filled with many beautiful memories.

I was an adventurous kid, often going off by myself exploring the outskirts of Tilburg. Climbing trees and playing soldier with my friends were my most favorite passtime. Well, that and watching movies! I started early on with developing an affection with the Disney movies and shorts and it wasn't long thereafter until my taste began to develop into the science-fiction and fantasy genre. Later I would add horror to this list and discover many different flicks that filled my mind with wonderous knowledge. My father's love for collecting things (books, coins, comics, you name it!) gave me ample material to engage my mind in, and I believe it is from this rich source I developed my fondness for writing proza and poetry. I started short stories when I was eleven and I wrote my first poem when I was thirteen (for more info check the writing page).

Advancing into the high school years, I discovered myself to be a well developed boy for my age. As such I never truly experienced any heavy puberty issuess, accept maybe the one in which I had to discover my sexuality. I have always been curious, and this -I believe- led to my bi-polar nature. I tend to value both sides of the coin (a metaphor I would like to extend to all experiences in my life) and have therefor never been afraid of experiments or challenges. This I might also have to attribute to my wholesome trust in life; I believe that there is always another chance to achieve what you wish, so making mistakes is just another step along the path to my goals.

By the end of my teen years I had decided that I wanted to travel for a while before settling down to study. As many before me have done I travelled to Australia to 'find myself'. This I believe I did, and I have become a better person because of that journey. The adventures I lived there are a tale in their own right, so I might add them to my site sometime!

When I came back I made the decision to start an education in psychology. The reason for this direction was twofold: 1. Above all I found humans to be the most interesting subject to study, and 2. I believe we as a race have far greater potential then we are currently aware of. My intentions were good but the allignment with college tuition unfortunately was not. After several years I discovered the university to be a bureaucratic maze that -sadly- had lost sight of the most basic of learning principles: to keep an open mind. Again, this might be a tale for another place, another time...

Without a finished education, apart from VWO schooling, my options were limited. Still being a youngster I didn't fret this too much and spend many a fine year working in a local (alternative) café called Extase. At this point I might have strayed a bit from my life-path, for I decided to have some fun before taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. I know I could have accomplished much more much sooner, but I was afraid the weight of the task would leave me unable to appreciate the joys of life. In truth I found it to be a choice between just that: achieving greatness or experiencing joy. The two could not go hand in hand in my mind. The link that was in my mind however was that of love; if I had a partner I could lean on, the daunting task of challenging the world would become ever so more bearable. Alas, this objective I have yet to fulfill.

When it became clear to me my options as a bartender were becoming limited, mostly due to my age, I started advancing my skills in the hospitality. This was a make-shift solution to my failure to acquire a college graduation: at least I was still helping people... Finding my way into management was a good way to extend the challenge work offered me and so I still believe it was a good alternative. I did, however, feel slightly guilty for letting so much of my intelligence go unused. I remedied this flaw by starting my own education at the public library, the results of which you are now laying your eyes on! Learning to write code and design webpages was something I had long since wanted to do, but I had never had the equipment or access to the knowledge before only a short while ago. There is still much more to learn in this field, so I will keep experimenting on my homepage and hopefully I will reach a skill level that I can feel comfortable with.

Well, that pretty much brings us to the present day. As is explained in greater detail on the projects section of my page, I have also delved into the deeper mechanics behind our society. I believe that I am living in a most exciting time for mankind. A time that may well decide the future (or non-existence thereof) of our race. I can not stand idly by while I see our civilization going litterally down the drain each day. Apart from developing skills to aid my career I devote my spare time into developing projects that might prove to have some weight in the ever so important future.

Will be edited from time to time