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Is There a Light?

I'm so alone
Running in the dark
If she had known
That day in the park

Sitting on a bench
Searching for light
Having some lunch
Knowing she was right

Looking in the lake
Seeing myself
I knew I was awake
But still: I saw an elf!

Suddenly I had a fear
Like being in a cage
When the image became clear
I saw a girl, my age

Now I am with you
Being insecure
Never had a clue
That love could be so pure

Still being so grateful
For not being on my own
But destiny lies in a skull
If only I'd known

I guess it just wasn't meant to be
That heaven had a cloud
Made for you and me
And so I cried out loud

'Coz with one little blow
She fell of our cloud
And while standing in a row
I lost her in the crowd

I kept having a thought
About that one little thing
That I so foolishly bought
It was an engagement ring

But out was her light
As I looked at her stone
And I said: "You were right,
I'll always be alone"

And again, it was dark