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Broken Heads

"Help, help"
Carried the cry
From waves that screamed
The torment of the oceans rage
A pact redeemed
By breathless sigh
Gave birth to open graves

Engulfed by tears
With rocks as only shelter
To hide from the endless tide
No escape anywhere
From the roar of ancient might
What none will dare withstand

And yet a peace is found
Far beneath the breathing world
Where the body is no longer hurled
And silence is the only sound

"Give up"
A voice whispered
"This power is stronger than you"

"Give in"
The voice hissed
"Succumb to the almighty blue"

A test of Will
The balancing of life
With the prospect of release
From the ongoing anguish of the sea

No more time for doubts
Ths scales have been set
Failures and success
Faults and strength
And the final decision
Is readily made
Found in unconscious truth

"What are you fighting for?"
Echoed in the far realms of mind
"Can't you see there's the door?"
But the eyes remain blind

Relief, at last
Rescue is at hand
By hero's sped from golden thrones
Embracing the body
With no feel of touch
The ocean makes his stand

From blue to black
To dazzling white
Gaping for the light
Begging it to come back

Once a victim of the great beyond
One will reckon with nature's force
Unless, off course,
The wisdom of eternity escapes
The thoughtless being who denies
The impressed experience that will forever linger
On the path to release

Until the change
Has been made
To open gates
In freedoms range

Than the Will
Has strengthened
And the character
Immensely grown


Where Broken Heads
Are made whole
The voice of defeat
Is suppressed
By the power
           Of your soul