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The Phoenix

Dark I become
Lost my way
Feelings numb
Thought it would stay

Friends gather around
Lost like the wind
Might I be bound
For what I sinned?

Morning, day or night
All were as one
My blinded sight
Nowhere to run

The ones so close
Shift in different light
Best friends rose
End out of sight

Visions clear before
Come to silent end
Fire burns no more
No return to my send

A full moon rises
Out of darkness
Soft caress
The high priestess

A new dream beckons
Nature call my name
A force reckons
Am I to blame?

Sunlight reach my eyes
Dreams unfolding
Time to end the lies
Regenerate my being

More light on my path
Face my destiny
Freed from wrath
Embraced peacefully

Mind set on rebirth
Water clear my body
Rising from the dirt
Cleaning lovingly

I met my faith
Speak so bright
Blessed Mother Earth
I live in your light

Earth, Wind, Water, Fire
My soul belongs to thee
Give me what I desire
Set my feelings free

End equal to begin
Old life dies
Start without sin
The Phoenix flies

The Phoenix