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Spiritual Darkness

Standing at the gates
Of my outmost desire
My inner self waits
Restless as fire

How long ago was it
Since I have been standing
I remember a kid
Waiting while aging

Time passes by
And what do we do
Standing 'till we die
Where to go to

I look back
All the others in line
Breathing in their neck
Urging to climb

I look ahead
Beyond the ivory barrier
A demon of the dead
Guarding the interior

I glance at the steps
Made by my predecessor
The increasing gaps
Running from the predator

He did not make it
And neither will I
Look at him sit
How long 'till I die

Soon the hunt will come
A prey by my own fault
Decisions there were some
Leading my assault

It is an uphill slope
I always avoid
Immanent hope
But somewhere annoyed

Given I do succeed
If ever in my heart
Hope fills the need
To surpass my guard

Impatient my thoughts
Travel the astral plane
Kissing all the rods
Destination to remain

In vision I proceed
Still the fence withholds
The bars seem to feed
As my mind unfolds

From gates of torment
To hungry lies
Even at this moment
Evading where it flies

A scream from behind
Someone gone astray
Soon the soul will bind
As Earth takes its way

Slowly it draws near
Narrowing our distance
Growing in fear
Passing the entrance


The Phoenix