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Staring at me
Wisdom in his eye
Riddles that be
Where answers lie

Walking on
The path of doom
Scapes are gone
In single gloom

Image of places
Reach my mind
I see faces
In quest to find

Dimensions apart
In a single field
Only from the heart
Will nature yield

See the contrast
From close by
Feel the contest
Of something about to die

Different gaze
Yet so alike
Enter the phase
Before the strike

He is cruel
Showing me what's true
The everlasting duel
The remaining few

Our destruction
Caused by mankind
To late for construction
Never fall behind

Always content
With facts of life
It is the present
That holds the knife

Open your hands
To new possibilities
Discover the lands
Falling on your knees

Step through the mirror
The greatest challenge of them all
You will draw nearer
Prevention of the downfall

Immortal is perfection
To search for it in life
Is a prime evil emotion
To achieve it in life
The essence of madness

The Phoenix