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I'm sitting here,
On my place,
Remembering her,
Whilst staring into space.

The waves far below me,
Slamming on the rocks,
The power of the sea,
While my vision locks.

With the moonlight above me,
Lighting my tears,
It is then that I see,
All of my fears.

They say it is just love,
That it will pass with the years,
But I fell in the cove,
Which I saw in my fears.

Now, it is too late,
I cannot return,
It is my faith,
That my heart must burn.

There is the gate,
Just over the wave,
With inside the bait,
All the love I ever gave.

And in I must go,
To find my true love,
Although my mind says no,
I am already passed the cove.

Untouched beauty lies ahead
Pure like a river wild
Like love it spread
Through the heart of a child

I look now over the water
That separates our feelings
Will you be the mother
Of our unborn seedlings

When the morning comes
With her silent golden rain
Memories of you roam
In my restless brain

The immanent point lies before
The battle of believing
That one day once more
My dreams will stop bleeding

Then we will have met again
Beneath the light of a full moon
The star-light span
Make shadows on the dune

Listen to the waves
Singing the eternal song
Even from the graves
The cry of how I long

There we will sit
Lie in the sand
The candle of love is lit
As we walk hand in hand

The river once so rough
Has calmed down
Just enough
That I won't drown

So I cross the path of death
I risk my life for you
If I take my last breath
I know you will die to

But God descends for me
And guides me through the danger
Finally safe I see
The face of a stranger

Sudden darkness falls upon me
Blackness all around I shout "where art thee!"
No answer not a sound

Eyes upon me cold like ice
The heat drains from my skin
As I see the man rise
His body tells of sin

Frozen blood on his hands
Breaking loudly while he moves
Abandoned life in the lands
Running with mortal wounds

Elements of fear in his voice
As he speaks to me
"Fate and destiny on a dice
Who would you rather see?"

His body melts by the fire of my eyes
Burning hatred and evil jealousy
The truth clears behind all the lies
I gave you my virginity