Jerry's Journal

25-04-2012                         Get the Idea?

I've been thinking about the tasks that lie ahead, and which ones might be most important... It's not an easy distinction to make, especially not in times like these where any day could be the one that heralds a true revolution. The more I delve into the changes that are presently occuring, the more I'm becoming aware that this revolution is as inevitable as it is necessary.

This I believe is a good thing, and one positive aspect that comes from it is that people are becoming less afraid to be more then they are told to be. I had been focused on the decline in social standards, partly due to the overwhelming presence of social media, that I failed to appreciate a part that was being played outside of all this. The growing 'movement' of people that are consciously moving towards a changing society has seemed to have reached a turning point, in which affirmative action in the public eye has become a viable course. When I first entered the 'movement' somewhat years ago, I remember a relatively small group of people, struggling to get heard via any means possible. Now it would appear that there are thousands upon thousands of people that got the message. Not only in defiance, but also in conjunction with the powers that be, I have seen many initiatives that are truly remarkable and, from my humble point of view, definite improvements for our society.

Along this road, what wonders we may find. So maybe I cannot as yet say where exactly this road lies, where it leads or what we will find when we get there, but I'm sure it's going to be one hell of a journey!

24-04-2012                         Opportunities Await

Many things are possible. Indeed, all things are possible if you can just wrap your mind around it! This doesn't mean I can fly if I just believe, but it does mean I can accomplish most anything if I just put my mind to it.

I would like to believe the human potential has only barely been discovered. Or, retrospectively that many of our abilities have been lost along the ages. The point of the matter is that we are still so young in our development, only barely exploring the mystery that is this life. I hope I can unveil some of that potential in my lifetime, and by doing so strengthen the bonds of humanity to a new level of understanding. It has recently become even more apparent to me that most of the knowledge we deem 'common' has only very recently been discoverd. Especially if you look at it from an evolutionary point of view, it would be less then a heartbeat. It is somewhat frightening then, how easily people accept all this input, on the sole premise that it is the nearest facsimile of the truth we can at present produce. What else can we do? Really, is there any other option then accepting reality as it is presented to us? How can we comprehend, on any real level, that this world we are witnessing wasn't here 200 years ago? How short a period of time this is, it's really mind-boggling. Once this truth seeps in we can start to appreciate the shortness of our lifespan in contrast to the world around us. We are ants in the grand design, even if our species survives another billion years. We are common creatures, you and I, and will never be any more or less. Herein lies the simple beauty: we are all one, and that is why there is nothing we cannot do, for we are everything that is.

23-04-2012                         Down With Big Brother!

Today the Dutch cabinet fell. I am not one to put much faith in politics, and I will not mourn the passing of this formation. However, it does entail certain prospects that I fear might be detrimental to our nation's stability. As is the protocol, new elections will be put forward in order to re-seat our political figures in a hopefully better composition. In the meantime, officials in office do not have any real power, yet the country needs to be run. In order for society to go about its 'carefree' ways, the current structure is maintained and bills are passed and decisions are made. When the new cabinet comes to power (probably over six months from now) there will be the opportunity to look back on said bills and decisions and ammend them if need be; hands up for anyone who thinks this will actually happen?

Today I became very worried wondering about what changes this will bring... There are a lot of important decisions pending in the next couple of months and it wouldn't surprise me to see some by-law or other being passed surreptitiously in order to ensure it's inclusion in later developments. Whether it be military action or maybe an addition to ACTA, all bets are off as far as validity is concerned. After all, the people who are doing this work have already resigned. Somehow that reminds me of a headless chicken, running around completely oblivious (or in denial?) to the fact that it should no longer be functioning.

It is a fear I try not to give in to. It does, however, make me cautious and even more vigilant in my persuing of knowledge. If there are uncertain things on the horizon, I will be sure to share them with you.

22-04-2012                         Do you feel safe?

A funny thing happened. I was visited by a friendly fellow, who politely informed that my 'neighbourhood was getting less secure'. Off course I had 'heard of the recent increase in crime in this area'... Well, to be fair they did send me some pamflet or other a while back, cautioning me for the prowlers of the night...

I have however lived in this quaint little house for over five years now and during that time the worst I have ever experienced were some domestic arguments. Not one bike has ever been stolen, not one attempt at a break-in. Even more so, bike's without locks or my front door being open for hours on end (my cat, like all cats, can be mischievous) has never enticed anyone in this part of town to start pillaging away. Why then are they trying to tell me otherwise...?

I will not deny that safety is a concern, but there are two things that don't add up: one, if you want to lower crime you should deal with the source (not increase the difficulty, if someone really wants to break in they will break in) and secondly the only indication I have was begotten vicariously - through information that did not come from someone 'located at the scene', so to speak.

I for one will continue to live here without fear.