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From depths and time far away
Came a man, proud and strong
Into this world, not knowing the way
But knowing he didn't belong

A quest was his call in this land
To find where truth has hidden
The hourglass with darkened sand
Had made freedom forbidden

But in his mind, a fragment dwelt
Of power he once possessed
And in his dreams, emotions he felt
That left him unable to rest

So he went, travelled the world
Seeking all the answers out
Until the final truth unfurled
Ending the last remains of doubt

He found his power dormant within
Suppressed by mankind's logic and fear
Freedom of mind had become a sin
Washed away with many a tear

With the truth now exposed
There was no more need for grief
He found his mind no longer closed
Awakened by absence of disbelief

No longer denying his inner vibrations
His destiny took a different turn
Born in a body with limitations
He understood he was here to learn