How to help...

This might be the most pressing question of all. In my experience I've seen many people aware of the troublesome path mankind is undertaking, but unable to set in motion any profitable changes for our future. To understand why it is so difficult for us to 'do the right thing', we need to take an objective and distant perspective: first of all we do not know if we are right or wrong - these concepts are vague at best. Second, we see ourselves as seperate entities, and what can one man/woman do?

Both concepts are false in our current predicament. To begin with the first: we know we are on a planet of finite resources; we know we are burning through these precious resources at break neck speeds; whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant if we have any survival instinct. The second concept, the illusion of seperation, is a tough one to break through. Plainly stating 'we are all human' does not make mankind work together. Realisation needs to come from within each of us that we are all part of one big whole. Though this might sound as a spiritual process, and indeed it certainly can be, people without any affinity with esoterics can still come to understand our innate connection. As a reference I would like to point to the conclusion quantum-scientists have gathered from zooming in on the fabric of our existence: We Are All One.

So, if you are someone who feels inspired to devote time and energy in the projects I pose on this site, or you have your own epifany, please contact me! You are not alone, and together we can accomplish so much more!