Where to start?

If you start this introduction, you have begun to take on the daunting task of figuring out the truth behind the world today. Not only that, but if you hang in there, you might find yourself thinking about a different way of life entirely. Now I am a writer by nature, but because this information needs to be presented and received as blankly as possible – allowing you, the viewer, to decide its worth- I shall do my best to keep the narrative to a minimum and instead present the facts as unprejudiced as I can.

Introduction: Where Life meets its Needs

Considering your interest in this information, I deduce that you are currently aware to at least some level that the world today is not functioning at its optimum capacity (yes, I am understating). To begin our journey towards a larger awareness in the real world around us, let us begin with a legendary clip that has been an inspiring source for over 3 years now: The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard:

Note: a new video was recently released. you can watch it here.

I like this clip because it is open, simple and unobtrusive. It explains in almost childish details what the main issue is behind all the charade going on today: if we do not change our ways, and soon, we will pay the price.

Alright, now we've got you started, let's move on to someone whose views are a little more portent: Peter Joseph. This man has made three documentaries (and lots of smaller content) entitled Zeitgeist. These films were actually the nudge that made me devote so much time in the revolution, as he was the first to introduce me to the real mechanics behind our economy. We've seen parts of this in the previous clip, but I would like you to watch this excerpt from the second film, Zeitgeist Addendum:

His third movie, Moving Forward, is viewable at the documentary page (as are his two others), or on this site. To understand economy can be hard, but after I watched Chris Martensons Crash Course I learned a lot about exponential functions and the consequences of peak oil. Here's a short introduction:

By now you've learned about how we ravage our (finite) Earth for resources and how money is basically created out of thin air. Also, you've seen the mathematical consequence of our current course. Now let us take a closer look at the basic problems that plague us as a growing civilization. The first off course is energy. Please watch the following clip from the second Zeitgeist documentary to get an idea of what can be possible tomorrow, if we would just make it happen:

Next to energy, humans need food, water and shelter. These are the basic rudimentary elements of our survival. The next short shows an example of what may allow us to grow as a prosperous civilization, without having to destroy the environment we depend upon.

This is just one example off course, but it shows how anything could be possible, if we would just allow ourselves.

So, allow me to sum up as best I can:

  1. Mankind has grown exponentially for almost a 100 years (largely due to oil). Society has not been able to catch up, and the Earth is beginning to stress under the weight of our civilization.
  2. The world's economics are faulted by design: from the creation of money out of thin air to the introduction of interest creating an impossible deficit in the world's assets.
  3. Though the future looks grim, there are many pins of light all over, designing the future from almost a clean slate.
  4. We, as a human being, have both the power and the responsibility to affect the course our civilization is taking. The point of no return is dooming on the horizon, and you can either not care and die in the knowledge you were among the last of the humans, or use the life you have to explore, learn, teach, invent and do all that gives meaning to you and future generations!

What, no conspiracies?! Indeed. Although I will occasionally refer to work done by 'conspiracy theorists' like Alex Jones, I do not believe the proverbial 'finger pointing' will provide us with a strong solution. Laying the blame does nothing to further a solution to the problems at hand. People are now beginning to understand that in fact we, the people, have the power to shape this world. With help of the amazing progress in technology we can now communicate on a global scale unprecedented in history. It is for this reason that I believe that if ever there was a time to change our way of life, now we have the tools to do so in a constructive manner, together.

So which way do we go? And how do you, as just one person, help bring a positive change about? Off course there are as many paths as there are people, and none of us will have the ultimate answer. One thing I think we can all agree on is that we need a system that is adaptive, one that can evolve along with our growing knowledge and possibilities. Here is a trailer that shows some ideas about the future:

Well, and there you have it. If you followed this guide and watched all the clips, then by now you have accumulated a lot of knowledge, some of which you might wish you had not heard… I would advise you to let all this sink in for at least a day, but take as long as you need. I can tell you right now that there is way too much information for any one person to absorb, so it is best to take it in piece by piece. When you are ready you can come back to my site and browse through the documentaries and links that I provide to start your own journey towards a better society.

Thank you for coming this far, I hope you will decide to go a little further! If you are not convinced, or maybe you need just a little more motivation, let me end with these two beautiful videos: