My history as a writer...

Starting from my early teens on, I have always been drawn back to writing. It is something I believe I have a nack for, and something I enjoy doing as well! I am working on a book at the moment, updates of which I shall mention somewhere in this part of my site.

Before venturing into my poem collection I would like to explain the hidden reasons for my nom de plume's...

I started writing poetry as a coming-of-age hopeless thirteen year old romantic. Being already touched by the great works of Shakespeare, I aspired to become my own voice of love. It is for this reason that my first handle was Romeo.

By the time I got to sixteen (going on seventeen!), I decided a change was needed to grow my alternate persona into something with a bit more individuality. Because I did not know exactly 'who' this persona would be, I took on the pseudonym The Phoenix to symbolise my transitioning stage.

When I was eighteen I came into contact with the Wiccan teachings. For those of you who do not know: this is what is commonly referred to as the 'old religion' because it were the beliefs before christianity became the norm. They include ancient scriptures such as the kabbala and -for all its hocus-pocus value- is a source of wisdom for those who can keep an open mind. I might detail more of the Wiccan ways somewhere, but here is not the place. What is important to mention here is a piece of knowledge I took from these learnings: how to calculate your birth-number and how to attach a name to yourself that is linked with this one unchanging aspect; you can never change the day you were born. The thought of this appealed to me, and so I ventured forth to set myself a name that would stick to the present day: NeXuS. Here's how I did it: take your date of birth, in my case 28-01-1980 and add all numbers individually until you have just a single digit left: 2+8+1+1+9+8=29, 2+9=11, 1+1=2. According to numerology, 2 is the number of 'the choice' and duality. I believe I embody these aspects (by chance or faith would be irrelevant here) and thus I proceeded to make a name that corresponds with the number 2. To do this, set the alfabet in a table like below so you get a value for each letter. You then need to think of a name and check the value of the sum. For me it was: 5(N)+5(E)+6(X)+3(U)+1(S)=20, 2+0=2. The alternating caps are just because I am a sucker for symmetry...

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