Hello World!

I have created this site to act as my online profile. Here -when it is finished- you can find out all about me: my likes and dislikes, hobbies and more. I hope you enjoy browsing through my Homepage!

Disclosure: this site is written in English in order to be global. It is also a work in progress!

How does this site work?

On most pages you will find a lot of information about me. Through this site I would like to share the many things I have created and experienced in my life. By navigating with the top and left menu bars you will hopefully be able to piece together the person that is me. My writings, music, pictures, interests and many more subjects can be found here.

And then there is the other side to this site: the spread of information. As you will discover if you visit the projects section of my site, I have come across many important matters that I feel we should all feel responsible for. These include the current financial system, the political scene, the many attacks on our freedom and the continuing declination of our world's condition - mankind as well as the rest of nature. I have decided to devote my time and energy in keeping informed on these matters, as well as provide assistance where I can. There are many organisations and individuals who share a lot of my values and I would like to extend my support by providing links to their material on my site. If you visit the Links page, you will find a categorised list of many of the afore-mentioned people. Some of these I will not always completely agree with, but it is in human nature to be unique and thus I respect the differences we all share.

! Warning !

This site contains much information that might be considered 'rebellious'. My point of view is portrayed not only by my own statements, but also through the words and images of many people who feel as strongly as I do that change is needed in order for this society to grow consciously forward. I invite you to challenge my ideas and ponder, if you will, the future as you think it should come to pass.